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Does a VPN Really Hide Your IP Address?

A VPN is a tool that comes in very handy for those who are looking for privacy on the Internet. If you are using a virtual private network, chances are you expect that you are

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Are VPNs Legal? VPNs Explained from the Legal Perspective

Whether you are trying to access blocked content in a country that is geo-restricted; increase your Internet privacy; or keep yourself protected while file-sharing, VPN technology can be tremendously useful to people in countries all

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How to Get a VPN & Why Use One in 2021

If you keep hearing about these "VPNs" that everyone seems to be using, and you have yet to take the VPN plunge, maybe it's time to ask yourself "why?" If you are interested in VPNs

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10 Best Pirate Bay Alternatives (Working in 2021)

Well, shiver me timbers! The Pirate bay is back asail! After its recent difficult stint with copyright laws, The Pirate Bay is back for now, but it is far from shipshape, and it is anyone's

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Is 123movies Safe & Legal in 2021? Yes, but Do This First!

While you may enjoy watching free movies and TV shows on 123movies, is 123movies safe? This popular site has been long-plagued with issues concerning its legality, which has led to it being blocked in certain

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What Is Double VPN, and Is It Worth Having?

"Double your pleasure, double your fun..." Don't worry. This is is not a commercial for Doublemint Gum. This is an article explaining the benefits of using the double VPN functionality, and which virtual private networks offer the option to use

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7 Best TNTVillage Alternatives in 2021

On a bad day, one of the best therapies is downloading the latest movie title, or checking out a recent music release. Thankfully, there are some great sites out there where you can quickly find

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10 Best Music Torrent Sites in 2021

According to Louis Armstrong, "Music is life itself." While we can't all be famous trumpeters like Louis, we can certainly relate to his sentiment: Life without music is simply unimaginable. If you're one of those

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