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How to Watch CraveTV in USA (Outside Canada) in December 2021

Updated on: October 28, 2021

Being in the USA is one thing! Watching CraveTV in Australia (or anywhere else!) almost seems impossible. If you’re so far away, how can you possibly re-watch every season of South Park, or spend hours watching great television after a long day? VPN servers make it a reality.

When you log in to your account with a VPN provider, you’ll be able to enjoy the CraveTV website, watch CraveTV, and enjoy hours of relaxation without the stress of trying to connect, or dodge those pesky pop-ups.

CraveTV is a very popular streaming service in Canada. Relatively new, it is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to watch Canadian television. Many Canadians love CraveTV, but, unfortunately, it’s not available everywhere. In fact, it’s not even available in the USA. Perhaps surprising at first, there are often various regulations that prevent people from watching across borders — although it can be incredibly frustrating.

The only way to overcome these limitations is through VPN servers. By using VPN services, you are able to essentially change your IP address and watch your favorite TV shows no matter where you are. You can even do amazing things like watch Hulu in Canada!

Keep reading for our top recommendations and tips so you can watch CraveTV outside Canada, anytime, from any device — that’s all I’m looking for when I want a late-night binge session.

In a Hurry? Here's How to Watch CraveTV in the USA (Outside Canada)

Step 1: Download and sign-up for a VPN, such as NordVPN
Step 2: Sign in to your account and connect to the Canadian server from the list of countries
Step 3: Get the CraveTV App, or log in to the website
Step 4: Enjoy CraveTV without limitations

How to Watch CraveTV in Australia

Step 1: Download from our top-pick VPNs to your phone or PC — We recommend ExpressVPN
Step 2: Login and select the “Country/Region” option
Step 3: From the list of countries, select “Canada” as your server
Step 4: Enjoy endless streaming of all your favorite shows

What Is CraveTV 

CraveTV is part of the Bell Media group and is a new video-on-demand streaming service. It encapsulates many different shows, channels, and more. You can watch Starz, Comedy Central, HBO, and Showtime content. You can also access Canadian content from additional mainstream media. It offers more than one language — you can stream in French, too.

No matter your device, you’ll be able to stream your favorite seasons of South Park, watch HBO, and enjoy additional video content from anywhere. That’s why CraveTV is a wildly popular TV service provider already.

However, if you try to stream outside Canada, you’ll get an error message. You don’t get much information (except that you’re in the wrong country), which is why we’re here to show you how you can dodge the error messages and connect via the internet from anywhere.

Why You Need a VPN to Watch Crave TV Outside Canada 

Simply put-geo blockers! prevent you from watching CraveTV outside Canada (or inside the USA), in any way. If you want to watch Crave TV, you have to download and install a VPN service. Without the right VPN service, you won’t be able to use your streaming device to access Crave TV. While that might seem like a problem at first, it actually simplifies things quite a lot.

Because VPN re-writes your IP address, you can access Crave TV through your VPN provider, on its website, smart TV, or your phone.

Can I Watch Crave TV with a Free VPN

A big question I get is…are free VPNs worth it?

And honestly? I have to say no.

Unfortunately, most free VPN service providers just don’t offer quality content and usability. They don’t have the operating systems to back up what they are doing, and it can be a real pain to use them. The internet is often patchy and sticky and the provider just doesn’t offer the range of IP addresses that you need for a VPN to be effective. Not only that, but the download speed will probably be horrible. Whether you’re trying to watch the Sopranos or tap into US Netflix with your VPN, free VPN just makes things harder.

If you’re traveling abroad (to the USA, Australia, or anywhere else outside Canada), it’s just worth paying for a quality VPN that will work the first time and will even allow you to do things like watch CBC abroad.

Best VPNs to Watch CraveTV from Anywhere in the World

Devices compatible with ExpressVPN
Company Location: British Virgin Islands
Servers: 3000+
Countries: 94 Country
Connections: 5 devices
Speed: Great
Torrenting: No (but support p2p)
Logs: Yes
Free Trial: No
Live Chat Support: Yes
Money Back: 30-days
Netflix: Yes

When you’re wondering how to watch CraveTV in the USA, this service is the obvious first choice. It’s fast, efficient, and loads quickly. It’s a little bit pricier than its competitors, but it offers a money-back guarantee, which makes it worth it. If you want to stream CraveTV outside Canada, watch Sky Go while abroad, or access Rai TV, ExpressVPN can do it all with no effort.


  • ExpressVPN Split Tunneling
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Anonymous browsing
  • Zero-knowledge DNS
  • 5 Simultaneous Connections
  • Downloadable App
  • It helps various streamings


  • More expensive than competitors

Devices compatible with NordVPN
Company Location: Panama
Servers: 5400
Countries: 54
Connections: Up to 6
Speed: Average
Torrenting: Yes
Logs: Yes
Free Trial: No
Live Chat Support: Yes
Money Back: 30-days
Netflix: Yes

If youre looking for a VPN that is a little cheaper, but still very effective, Nord VPN might be the right choice. Perfect for streaming CraveTV outside Canada, it comes with a money-back guarantee. It isn’t quite as good as Express VPN’s service, it is still very fast, efficient, and works well. Also, you can use its great Indian servers to do things like watch Hotstar in UAE.


  • 6 simultaneous connections
  • Based in Panama
  • Unblocks a range of streaming services
  • Apps for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android
  • Automatic wifi protection
  • Downloadable App
  • Helps stream Netflix & other services


  • Not as fast as ExpressVPN
  • Bulky to download

Devices compatible with Surfshark
Company Location: British Virgin Islands
Servers: 3200+
Countries: 65
Connections: Unlimited devices
Speed: Average
Torrenting: No (but support p2p)
Logs: Yes
Free Trial: 7-days for mobile
Live Chat Support: Yes
Money Back: 30-days
Netflix: Yes

Sufshark is definitely the most budget-friendly option if you want to access CraveTV in USA; but, when it comes to streaming quality, you won’t be disappointed. I had no trouble streaming the CraveTV App with this one, and as far as VPNs go, this is very user-friendly (not to mention affordable). It’s not as good as ExpressVPN or NordVPN overall, but as a budget VPN, Surfshark is really hard to beat. Streaming services that this VPN unblocks include beIN Sports, BBC iPlayer, Vudu and more.


  • Multi-hop
  • Clean Web
  • Kill Switch
  • Unlimited VPN Connections
  • Downloadable App
  • It Helps stream Netflix & other services too


  • Can’t compete with the premium VPNs
  • Slower speed
  • Slower connectivity
  • Smaller range of servers

How to Subscribe to CraveTV 

Subscribing to CraveTV is easy. Just load its app (or website), choose the services you want, and away you go. You can opt for kid’s shows, a subscription, and so much more. It only takes a few minutes, and the website is pretty intuitive.

Thankfully the website loads pretty fast, and (as far as it goes as a TV service provider), you really do get your money’s worth. Which I think is quite a nice change.

Devices Supporting CraveTV

When you’re outside Canada (and you want to watch CraveTV outside Canada), you might not always have your usual devices on hand. Luckily, CraveTV is supported by quite a few different options.

☑️ IOS
☑️ Android
☑️ SmartTV
☑️ Roku and Chrome Sticks
☑️ Playstation
☑️ PC

How to Watch CraveTV on Roku

Roku makes watching CraveTV pretty easy. When you have a VPN, it syncs up and makes it easy for you to watch (even if you’re abroad, like in Australia). Not to get off-topic, but everyone has a few shows they just can’t live without. Personally, I love Ray Donovan and the Sopranos and would watch those all day every day (totally worth the subscription for me). With this, you will never miss out on Ray Donovan again.

How to Watch CraveTV on Samsung Smart TV

This is a common question for people from Canada (and elsewhere!). Luckily, the answer is a resounding yes! You can watch Crave TV (Canada, America, and around the world), on your smart TV — as easily as Netflix. With the right VPN providers, you’ll be able to log onto the site without an issue.

How to Watch CraveTV on XBox

Some of the questions I get from viewers in Canada is whether they can watch their favorite shows on an Xbox. Another resounding “yes” for people in Canada, and anywhere else!

List of Crave TV Channels

Canada has some great TV channels. Whether you’re in Canada, the USA, or elsewhere, it has a selection that is starting to rival Netflix.

☑️ HBO
☑️ Starz
☑️ Comedy Central
☑️ So much more!

List of Best American TV Shows You Can Watch on CraveTV

Canada (and its Canadian viewers) aren’t limited to Canadian television only! With CraveTV, you can watch shows like:

☑️ Orphan Black
☑️ The Affair
☑️ Billions
☑️ Homeland
☑️ The Wire


star Is Crave TV available in the US?

No, CraveTV is not available in the US. However, you can unblock it, using a VPN with Canadian servers.

star Can I subscribe to CraveTV in the USA?

You can’t subscribe to CraveTV in US without a VPN! If you already have a VPN, you can switch to a Canadian server and subscribe to CraveTV in the US.

star Can I watch CraveTV in UK?

Unfortunately not, unless having a VPN that can alter your IP address; then you’ll be able to watch CraveTV in the UK, USA, and around the world. Otherwise, your subscription will be lost to you!

star How many devices can I use on CraveTV?

You can add up to 5 devices on CraveTV.

star What devices support CraveTV?

You can watch CraveTV outside Canada (as long as you’re using a VPN) on most devices as long as you have an account.

☑️ IOS
☑️ Android
☑️ SmartTV
☑️ Roku and Chrome Sticks
☑️ Playstation
☑️ PC

star Is CraveTV available on Roku?

Yes, it is! You can also access HBO and other great Canadian shows, as long as you have the right VPN providers to help you set your address as Canadian.


If you’re passionate about streaming (and good old-fashioned Canadian TV), a VPN is a must!

Don’t miss out on great Canadian television, such as HBO, by not tapping into CraveTV. While it might be based in Canada, it’s like having the world at your fingertips when it comes to the viewing experience! No matter what VPN you go with (as long as you make it a good one!), you’ll have hours of viewing pleasure right at your fingertips.

That said, we highly recommend ExpressVPN. With consistently high speed, great connection, and versatility, it’s hard to go wrong!

VPN service
Best price
Best Overall
  • Super fast.
  • Reliable & ultra-secure.
  • Great for HD/4K streaming.
  • Chrome, Firefox & Edge extensions.
  • 24/7 live chat support.
  • Outstanding!
$6.67 /mo
Save 49%
Best Value
  • Fast speeds.
  • Strong privacy & security.
  • Uninterrupted streaming.
  • Ad-blocker included.
  • Chrome & Firefox extensions.
  • 24/7 live chat support.
$3.71 /mo
Save 68%
Best Budget
  • Fast VPN streamlined for beginners.
  • Strong encryption & privacy features.
  • Chrome & Firefox extensions.
  • 24/7 live chat support.
$2.21 /mo
Save 83%
Privacy Alert!
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